Illustration Today

What is Illustration Today?

Illustration Today(插畫生活)is by far the first and only Chinese online magazine that solely devoted to illustration art and business. Founded by a New York based Taiwanese illustrator/designer Anais Lee, it started as a personal blog where she shares her experiences as a creative, her work processes, and interviews of other artists. Soon the readership has grown and the blog is being loved by illustrators and illustration enthusiasts in Taiwan. It became a professional online magazine and provides invaluable information and resources for its readers.

Who is the company behind Illustration Today? Do you make profit from running this website?

Illustration Today is an “one-woman” website. All the contents are created by Anais and the guest writers voluntarily. We don’t have any financial investor at this moment. All the costs for the website’s maintenance, production, time, and labor, solely come from Anais’s paychecks working as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. Although we are looking for a best way to make it sustainable and profitable while providing our readers free and quality content; as right now we are still a non-commercial website.

What is the goal and purpose of Illustration Today?

We, (Anais and the guest writes) are passionate about illustration art, children’s books, and visual art. Many of us are also working artists. We love to share our experiences and knowledge with others. In Taiwan, illustration is still a niche business, and not everyone understand what illustration is. Ultimately, we hope to bring illustration art into people’s lives; also help those who want to be an illustrator to pursue their dreams!

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